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About me?

Well, I turn 15 this year...(grade 9).

I live in Singapore, that is in Asia, next to Malaysia.

For those who do not know about Singapore... It is a place where there are 'no natural disasters' and 'low crime rate'. Why do i put the two good points in qoutation? Its cause it is suppose to be that, but with the current affairs being what it is now, I do not invest strongly in those two points.

The story?
I do not have a story of any kind... But I created this site, being my second, at a different host. The reason is simple... Internet is becoming more and more popular (though I do not have a computer at home), I thought I would just try and get the hang of creating a site, and a 'good' site while I am at it.

On the computer -- internet...
When I get the chance of being on a computer with internet connection, I play these games -- Islands Of Myth, Runescape, Dragoncourt and Starkingdoms. Islands Of Myth and Starkingdoms are a text based game, meaning no pictures, but i like them both. Runescape and Dragoncourt have pictures. What they all have in common, is that all are online games. You can find the links of these games on my 'Links' page.